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Groove Caddy Golf Club Cleaner Review

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Groove Caddy packaging.


With Spring in full swing, Jolly Roger Golf has pulled out all of the sets of clubs we own and started cleaning them up for many round this summer. With the help of The Groove Caddy it should be a breeze. This simple little tool give you some power behind scrubbing your clubs. We normally use a wire brush and some hot soapy water to clean off club heads that are covered in dirt and debris from the course. It is not necessarily hard to do the manual way, but why not add a motorized brush into the equation.


The Groove Caddy comes in a simple clear plastic package. Inside one will find the device, charging cable and information card. Upon first inspection, I was impressed with how well the Groove Caddy seemed to be made. The hand grip has a rubberized portion to ease the hold from slip. The non abrasive nylon bristles are fairly stiff. The spin of bristles is speedy at 1,200 RMP. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery comes charged, but I plugged it in for about 15 minutes for good measure.



Dirty wedge before cleaning.


Halfway through cleaning the wedge.


Finished product, all polished clean.

As you can see from the photos, I  grabbed a fairly dirty old wedge that has been sitting around for quite awhile. I wanted to try a no frills cleaning. I dumped about a cup of water over the face of the club. I turned on the Groove Caddy and let it go to work. With applying a very small amount of pressure the Groove Caddy was able to clean out all of the dirt and grime from the grooves on the face of the wedge. I was very impressed. It took only a matter of 30 seconds toclean the club. There was a small amount of dirty, muddy gunk left on the club. I went over it with water and the brush again. It polished up beautifully.


All in all, The Groove Caddy is a great little addition to any golfers bag. It does exactly what it is meant to do. I think that it would make a perfect gift for any golfer. Like I said before, manually cleaning your clubs is not hard, however using a motorized tool makes it easier and much more fun! Pick one up for yourself or a golfing buddy today. Visit to check out the company even more.







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